We established our own production workshop in Istanbul in 2019.
By using soft silk, chiffon and cotton fabrics in different patterns, we found the harmony and harmony of the felt's harsh stance.

We used our labor, hands, eyes and imagination in the production phase of our products. 
We worked with attention and love, so that women can use it with love, because good things demand effort.

Hemera women will look more stylish and elegant by using different tying and using techniques with shawls, scarves and ponchos around the clock, work clothes, casual clothes or party dresses.They will use it with much love and value.

We leave the way of use to their imagination. For example, we have shown an example of using different binding techniques according to the style of the dress in the pictures. Please take a look at the pictures.

As a manufacturer, we named ourselves Hemera Handmade, but you can sell the products using your own brand name, or you can continue with the name Hemera Handmade.

You can sell the products wrapped in satin papers in a stylish box with a nice presentation.

You can order in any number and model you want, products will be delivered to you in a short time using air cargo.

We are waiting for your invitation to introduce the products closely and provide information about our wholesale prices. 

  • 100 pcs 1.70*30 cm Cotton and Wool Felted Luxury Handmade Art Scarf  £ 2.900
  • 100 pcs 1.70*50 cm  Chiffon and Wool Felted  Luxury Handmade Art Shawl  £3.000
  • 100 pcs 1.90*60 cm Chiffon and Wool Felted Luxury Handmade Art Shawl £3.300
  • 100 pcs 1.70*30 cm Silk and Wool Felted Luxury Handmade   Art Scarf  £ 4.000
  • 100 pcs 1.70*30 cm Chiffon  and Wool Felted Luxury Handmade  Art Ponchos  £5.000
  • 100 pcs 1.70*30 cm Silk  and Wool Felted Luxury Handmade Art Ponchos  £6.000

                    We can post  us a small parcel all Europe  country